Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Giveaway Winner + Laundry Nook

Happy Tuesday! First things first, we have a giveaway winner to announce: 

Congratulations, Monika!! Stay tuned for an email coming your way! I hope you enjoy your Kirkland's gift card! 

Thanks again to Kirkland's for the giveaway and to everyone that entered! 

And for my next trick.... 

As I was finishing up our laundry on Sunday night, I realized 2 things: 
1. I've never shared our "laundry nook" on the blog. 
2. The artwork in our nook matches our laundry accessories. 

*Is it just me, or is it weird how well the artwork coordinates?! 

The best part of our little nook? It looks like this when the doors are closed! Now, some of you might think I am crazy for liking the fact that I don't have a large laundry room, but let me explain. In our previous house we had a HUGE laundry room, and it became a dumping ground for... everything. We hid, stashed, and threw all sorts of random items into our laundry room- to the point where it wasn't even functional. The little nook, however, doesn't allow for clutter. 


  1. Such a cute little nook! And I love that you've decorated it. It is much more inspiring to do laundry in than my laundry room! Kelli

  2. We have an even smaller laundry nook with a tiny little washer and dryer. Thought it would be horrible, but it's so easy to do small loads I can easily put away that I LOVE it. It's changed my life forever! (That might be a tad dramatic). PS - Love your laundry baskets. I might try one for the top of our unit :)

  3. Love this :) That is way to funny how the art matches the lids of all of the laundy stuff! And yay for an uncluttered laundry nook! XO brynn


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