Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in you bag Wednesday #16

Happy Wednesday! Today we're joined by the ever-stylish Sarah of Flourish Design + Style! Sarah's post is short and sweet, and I think you'll agree that the contents of her bag are quite enviable!!

What's inside??? 

--Planner used to hold all kinds of things, inspiration, things to shop for, and a bit of scheduling too ;)
--Zippered small purse to hold all kinds of necessities, Tylenol, lolly pops for the girls, a tape measure and tic-tacs
--Lancome juicy tube lip gloss
--Stella & Dot mini look books with my contact info for potential customers and stylists!

I told you you'd envy Sarah's bags! As a side note, I'm also loving the glass paper weight. Did I ever tell you guys that I wanted to be a glassblower at one time- one of the 500 careers I've considered! :) Thanks again, Sarah, for sharing your beautiful bags with us! 


  1. Of course Sarah's hand bag contents are fabulous! I could never just dump out my bag. Yikes.


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