Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in your bag Wednesday #18

Good morning, boys and girls!! Happy Wednesday! I only have two more work days left this week, and then I'm off until Wednesday. No major plans, but I'm looking forward to relaxing!

We haven't had a 'What's in your bag Wednesday' lately- my bad. Why don't we get back to it?! Today we're joined by Julie from Julip Made. If you haven't been to Julie's blog you should check it out already; she has some amazing mood boards: 
Pretty gorgeous, right? 

How about we take a little looksee into her bag..... 

Hi Classically Eclectic Readers, Julie here from Julip Made sharing with you what I haul around in my bag on a day to day basis.  The bag itself is a recent purchase from Target and although admittedly large, it fits all my crap and eliminates the need for carrying my pumps or lunch around in a grocery bag. 
The bag...
...stuffed full.
appearance To Beautify:
  1. Gum to eliminate coffee breath on the metro.  To the rest of the commuting DC population... try it. 
  2. Gucci Sunglasses (awesome Birthday gift).  I normally only by the $5 H&M ones because I'm prone to losing them. 
  3. La Mer Wrap Watch.
  4. Jewelry Roll to store my bling when I work out courtesy of Design Darling's Graphic Image give away.
  5. Hair ties.
  6. Wedges. I admire those of you who actually can commute in heels, but mine only go on my feet at work. 
  7. Sunscreen.  Do it!
  8. Deodorant/ Scented lotion. Both necessities for a DC summer. 
  9. Post commute pick me up kit: allergy eye drops, mascara, powder, and lip-gloss.
necessity Necessities:
  1. Puppy poop bags and toy (always squeaky). 
  2. Cell. 
  3. Shuffle (aka Metro commuter noise cancellation device).
  4. Change purse.
  5. Wallet
  6. Reading material (InStyle and whatever catalog has just come in the mail), daily planner for posts, notebook for inspiration, and Staedtler pens (I have a pen obsession and they are the best).
  7. Keys
  8. To Go Cup for my AM Smoothies and to encourage me to drink more water.
Photo shoot interruption... prop thief caught in the act...
"Maybe she won't notice it's gone..."
Thanks for having me Kelly!


Thanks for sharing, Julie!! I've started carrying back up shoes in my bag when wearing flip flops now. Over the weekend I was attempting to buy tickets to a home and garden show when one of my flip flops snapped. I had to walk all the way back to my car (in the rain) with one barefoot. Never again. 

Anyways, love that you carry poop bags for your pooch. I'm guilty of that too! :) Have a great day, everyone!!! 



  1. I love her purse, and how pretty is that jewelry roll?

  2. I love your bag! It's such a great size. All your purse stuff is so pretty and organized. I need to work on mine! Oh, and those glasses are fabulous!

  3. Thanks again Kelly for having me! Alena, that is the OCD in me and I will admit I did throw out a few gum wrappers and an empty diet coke bottle.

  4. I love this Julie! Heels and poop bags live in my bag too!


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