Friday, August 20, 2010

Urban Farmhouse

I love finding retail shops that carry fun, unique items. Many such shops exist in Columbus, OH. My territory for work, however, is in a very rural area outside of Columbus and there are very shops of any kind. Urban Farmhouse is the exception. It's located in the small town of Thornville, Ohio and I've driven by (really slowly) so many times on the way to one of the offices I call on. The store front changes weekly and since I've started stopping in I've noticed that the items inside change often too!

*The antique willow trunks caught my eye from the road and I quickly turned around to do some investigating... :)

Ok, so I took lots of pictures of the willow trunks. I think they would be so fun stacked like this as a night stand. Not exceptionally functional as a night stand though, so they would probably end up on my side of the bed!

They're a great color, too.

One last one; I like the starfish garland too. Very summery...

*I didn't realize until a little later that there was a real bird in here. I don't think he appreciated me taking his photo; I must have gotten his bad side... ??

*I LOVE the strands of driftwood.

So there you have it- a unique shop in small town Ohio. When you go to their website, be sure to check out the blog as well!




  1. Great photos! That store looks amazing!

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