Thursday, October 28, 2010

Channeling Franz Kline...

I mentioned here that I have a big, fat wall that's begging for art. I've also explained numerous times that our money tree is a little.... crispy right now. When I saw these images from Kevin Sharkey's apartment in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living my wheels started turning.

These paintings are inspired by the work of Franz Kline, an American Abstract Expressionist. When most people hear "Abstract Expressionism", they immediately think "Jackson Pollock". I do too, to some extent, but I've always loved Kline's paintings. Here are a few of them:

Franz Kline, Orange Outline, 1955

Franz Kline, Painting Number 2, 1954

Franz Kline, Suspended, 1953

I'm not naive (or dumb enough) to think that I can just go buy a canvas and some paint and become a Kline-clone, but my wall has been naked for too long, and if I wait until I can afford even a "Franz-inspired" painting, I'll be waiting for a LONG time, so I'm going to give this a try. I'll keep you posted, even if it ends in complete disaster. :)



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  1. I was just google image searching some franz kline because I love his work and they have it on exhibit at the museum here, and that image from the martha stewart magazine was awesome so I found your blog. Being such a fan of his I was just curious to know if you ever completed those paintings? :)


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