Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wingback Chairs

I LOVE wingback chairs! They have a classic and traditional style, which is right up my alley. I check Craigslist for them daily. In our living room we currently have a leather sofa that Christopher bought right out of college; I do like it, but I would love to store it in the basement and put two wingback chairs in its place. Here are some fun ones:

*Image via Design Sponge

Of course I love the white, painted legs. The piping is fantastic as well!

Here is the type of before/after I'm envisioning if I find a suitable pair on Craigslist:

Wow.. combining two favorites: Wingbacks and Suzani fabric:
*Image via Design Sponge

*Image via Martha Stewart Living

Here's a pair that I keep eyeing on Craigslist:

*How fun would it be to upholster the sides of back of the chair in a different fabric like here:



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