Friday, November 5, 2010

Painted Door

Okay folks, here's another "Survive-Christopher's-First-Year-of-Law-School-Project". This one's super-fun, and because it's getting cold, rather than having a glass of wine, I made my favorite hot chocolate while I worked:

Seeing this picture makes me want another cup....

.. but onto the project instead:

About two years ago Christopher's parent's dogs (Sammie and Bella) were in town visiting along with his parents. The four of us humans decided to go out to dinner, leaving Sammie and Bella alone at our house. Naturally they flipped out, scratching and clawing the door that leads to the garage, in an unsuccessful escape attempt. I can't blame them, really; it seems like perfectly natural behavior, and I'm considering doing the same thing the next time Christopher leaves me home alone. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here's the "before" photo. Just to be clear, the door would be ugly whether or not it had been attacked by two malteses.

Close-up of the damages:

Of course I would love to just replace the door. The rest of the doors in our house are six panel, so this one just doesn't fit, but doors can be crazy-expensive. This one is also hardwood, so I don't like the idea of replacing it with a cheap one. I'd been toying with the idea of painting it a glossy color, but it has so many scratches and dents in it, glossy paint would have been a poor choice.

Enter inspiration. Last spring I saw these images from the Anthropologie catalog:

Prior to seeing these images I mainly thought of chalkboard paint as being solely for kids. I was wrong. I LOVE the slate-like finish of chalkboard paint, and the art-nerd inside of me loves the idea of drawing on the door. Tomorrow I'm off to buy chalk!

Here are some semi-after photos; I say "semi" because I was too excited to wait until the door was fully dry to take photos. I'm going to add another coat in the morning.

For Sammie and Bella's next visit I'm going to encourage them to release their anxiety and express themselves through the art of chalking. :)

Have a great weekend!!!



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