Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter "Uniform"

Winter "Uniform"

In a few, short weeks the temperature is going to drop, and soon after that snow will start to fall. During the months December-February, it can be very uncomfortable to be a sales representative. Imagine getting in and out of your car all day, carting bags and boxes, wearing a suit and high heels. Heels, snow, and salt do not play well together- at all. I have ruined SO MANY shoes during winter months in this job, so I was thrilled to see these snow boots with a built-in heel. They may seem impractical to most people, but I'd be wearing regular heels otherwise and freezing my little piggies off, so heeled snow boots are a great alternative. I included a few of my other winter essentials as well. If you have any other suggestions for keeping dry, warm, and looking semi-professional, I'd love to hear them!!



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