Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Ebay

You've been so very good to me. By offering a marketplace where I (the bidder) have a say in the price I want to pay, you've allowed me to become the proud owner of a FABIENNE JOUVIN canister.  It's not the tea jar that I wanted to make a lamp with, but it'll do, EBAY, it'll do!!!

I'm sure you're wondering two things right now: 1.) Why does she care so much about a canister? 2.) Why does she have a rubber dinosaur in her living room?

The answers to your questions are as follows: 1.) I'm a strange bird. 2.) You'll just have to wait and see! 




  1. Now that is spectacular!! I really should visit ebay more often :) So nice to meet you! xo

  2. Love it! Such a great find. I completely understand why you care so much about the canister :)


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