Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gallery Walls

I LOVE gallery walls; they're a great way to be creative and make your home unique by grouping together images and items that have meaning to you (or things that you just think are pretty). Here are a few swoon-worthy gallery walls:
via Elle Decor

David Jimenez

via Lonny

via Domino

After our wedding, I created a gallery wall of our own with all of our wedding photos:
I loved it at the time, but there comes a point where it's weird to have an entire wall dedicated to your wedding. A few weeks ago, I reached that point.

SO, after painting the entry and living room, I decided to update the gallery wall as well. The librarians and book conservationists are going to hate me for this one. To save money, rather than trying to find small prints, I purchased this book at Half Priced Books for $4.98, and I tore it to pieces:

I'm pretty proud of the results, considering I didn't plan ahead or draw the layout beforehand. In the future I might add more photos and objects, but for now I'm happy with it.

**For anyone who's concerned about the fact that I destroyed a book, I did read it as I was tearing it apart. It's quite interesting if art history is your thing, and I even saved it just in case I need more artwork in the future!




  1. I love the change, we want a gallery wall on the hallway leading up are stairs, we have most of the pictures too, I just have been too lazy to actually hang any of it!

  2. I love how this came out Kelly!!! It looks so good! The color paint is really nice too and I like how you added a couple of funky mirrors.


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