Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Decor

I'm basically done decorating for the holidays (phew)! I only have one or two little things left that I'd like to do, but here's what I've got going on for now:

* I was considering maybe making a strand of felt ball garland here like my wreath. What do you think??

No presents under the tree yet (except for the daily "present" that is Luca). I haven't bought a single gift yet!!!!

It took me forever to: 1. find a tree topper that would work on this tree and 2. secure it properly.

Leaning tree of 1551

Wreath on our front door. My friend's grandmother made it for me. I tied little bows all over it (saw the idea here, but I'm worried my version looks like it has little worms crawling all over it. I might get a small pack of battery-powered lights to string around it.

Now I really need to start thinking about gifts for under the tree- AND WRAPPING THEM. I feel like I'm bringing up my grandpa an awful lot lately, but this was his favorite time of year, and he was AMAZING at wrapping gifts. I'm mediocre at best, but I'm going to try my hardest to get really good at it. Beautifully wrapped gifts make the tree look better too:
Image via Wisteria. That wrapping paper would actually go perfectly under my tree too. Hmmm....




  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I LOVE your Christmas tree! It's so classic and elegant.

  2. Kelly, ALL looks BEAUTIFUL!
    Your MIL

  3. Everything looks beautiful. Especially impressed with the flat screen.


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