Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does Your Artwork Hang Low?

When it comes to hanging art, the rule of thumb is to hang it 57" on center explained here. Most people end up hanging their artwork too high (I've been guilty of it in the past), but have you ever thought about hanging your artwork low? It can create interest and draw the eye to different details in a room (like the furniture or baseboards perhaps). My in-laws' decorator has done this in a few different areas in their home. 

Still a little skeptical of the idea?? Prepare to be convinced. 

via here

via Apartment Therapy

I've done it one place in our house, though I have a few other areas in mind. 

So what are your thoughts? Is this too risky for your liking? 
On a side note, when you read the title of this post, "Does Your Artwork Hang Low", did your mind immediately think, "Does it wobble to and fro"??? Mine did. Maybe I'm just weird... 




  1. YAY! Finally, someone who's sayin' what I've been doin' for years. Hanging the art at whatever level I want. It made me smile to come across this post! =)
    Kristina J.

  2. Kelly, There are so many rules about hanging pictures. Some say eye level, some say not to big, not big enough. I think this is a great post. It shows that some rules are just meant to be broken.

    Great post.

  3. I really like images 4-6, but with a child hanging low is not an option for me. Have a great day!

  4. Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? (Obviously, you're not weird. :) )

    I totally agree on mixing it up and not always hanging artwork at 57". It creates so much more visual interest!

  5. I love the look...and have done it in a few places in my house. Great photos!!!

  6. I think the art looks fantastic low. I always love rooms where there is something interesting to look at and when you are sitting it will be super easy to appreciate!

  7. I had to convince my sister to hang her art low. She swore she was not cool enough to pull it off. I told her to work it. And she did!

  8. Nice job, Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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