Friday, January 7, 2011

I Need Your Help (Again)

I've decided to recover our dining room chairs. They're handed down from Christopher's parents. It's a beautiful set, except for a minor blemish that now needs fixed

While I really enjoy painting furniture, I'm extremely intimidated about painting this particular set. I would hate to mess it up somehow, so I will probably wait and eventually have it professionally done. I am, however, planning to recover the chairs myself. I found private lessons for $50 (that seems very reasonable to me)! 

Here are the chairs:

I want to recover them using La Fiorentina, but I'm deciding between three:

Initially, I wanted to use the black and white colorway and paint the chairs black. I still might do that, but I really do love the other colors. 

The magenta is great, but I worry: 1. My husband would hate it, 2. I would tire of it. ?????  

I like the sand color a lot, but I am not sure what color I would paint the chairs. 

Another option that I haven't researched much is having the paint stripped off and the chairs stained. I'm assuming that can be done, but it's probably more expensive. 

So, dear readers, I really would appreciate your opinions! I'm open to any and all suggestions, but one thing is certain: I must add a little La Fiorentina to my life. 

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  1. Love them all, but I think that you might tire of the Magenta. Maybe you could use the black for the chairs and the sand color for window treatments or vice versa.

  2. I am going to think on this one. But I do love the black white. Black and white is always chic and so classic.

  3. I agree that you might tire of the magenta. The black and white is much more bold, whereas the sand is more neutral. I don't think you can go wrong with either, though if you picked the sand, you could paint the chairs any number of bright colors and have it look great (in fact, I think the sand would look good with the current turquoise color!).

  4. Victoria,

    I agree with you! I'm worried the black and white would end up looking really harsh in our home, but the sand would look good with the turquoise for now until I pick the color I'd like to have them painted.


  5. I really like the chair color you have now and think the black and white would really pop against it. The sand one is okay. I'd paint the chairs white if you're going with the magenta, but my vote is for the black and white - classic.

  6. Oooh pretty fabric. I'm picturing the sand with the wood painted magenta!


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