Monday, January 10, 2011

Jewelry Source

I love (i.e. am obsessed with) vintage costume jewelry. Ebay and etsy are great sources for affordable vintage jewelry. 

My collection:

All of them (minus the bottom right) are from ebay, and I spent $10 (or less) for each of them! 

I have to be careful, though, and fight the urge not to leave the house wearing all of them at once and looking like this:

via here

or this:
via here

Now personally, I have no problem dressing like this. In fact, I would enjoy it thoroughly. I need to find a way to create (and live in) a Kate Spade World- full of bright colors, sparkles, polka dots, stripes, and metallics. Who wants to join me??? Anyone?




  1. Love the jewelry choices! I smiled reading this because I remember going in to Charlotte Russe when we were in HS and you always gravitated toward the bright colors and vivid patterns. Some things never change. :)

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous pieces. I am a bit jealous.

  3. Have you come across my 4 carat diamond? Your FIL says they continue working on it; it'll be ready for wear in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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