Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word to the Wise....

Thank goodness it's a lazy Sunday and I didn't have much I needed to accomplish today. I came across this image, and I had to fight the urge not to look behind my shoulder (where I expected to see some authority figure pointing their finger at me in disapproval). 

via here

I personally disagree. I've been adding images to my "style files" and working up a good case of carpal tunnel. 

I've also been shopping on etsy for original artwork. We have one piece of original artwork (purchased on our honeymoon). Let it be known that I've found a few paintings I love by Nicole Cohen.

This photo is from Nicole's home; she has the pendant lights I love (and want someday)!!! 

Nicole also blogs! Check her out here




  1. I agree with you! Blogging is being productive in the creative sense of it. So many projects are born after a very good blogging day.

  2. Oh my god, that quote is so up my alley. I like to call it extensive research. Who knows what my house would look like without the inspiration of design blogs.


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