Friday, February 11, 2011

Mix and Match: Bedding

We've discussed mixing our china. Let's focus our attention on bedding today!! This is something that a lot of people already do, but when I saw this image in BHG it made me realize a few things:

1. I've never thought to mix the sheets
2. I like the look of lots of different pillows (of various textures, prints, colors). 

I also have a confession. I haven't changed out my "Christmas bedding". It's still red and green. Yikes. Oh, and I still haven't painted our bedroom either. I'm a bad person. 

The BHG article has inspired me to get my tush in gear (*on a side note, I just looked up the definition for "tush" and one meaning is "any of the canine teeth of a horse). !!! 

The article in BHG suggests starting with two sets of sheets and mixing them for different looks. I actually really like the sheets they used:

via here 
Definitely not going to fit in with the law school budget. Maybe they'll go on sale!! 

I'm loving the following shams:
via here 

via here
I also love these euro shams by Nate for HSN. They're sold out, but I'm betting you could find them on Ebay! 

Some other bedding pieces to consider: 

via here 
I'm a big fan of this bedding from West Elm (partially because the color is "poppy", and I just love to say that word)!! 

via here

There's nothing wrong with matching bedding sets, but it's rather boring, don't you think? Have I persuaded you to consider mixing/matching? OR is it something you're already doing?? Do tell. 




  1. Really interesting! I'd love to see what mix you come up with if you try this! Layers of color/pattern/texture are usually great.

    I'm currently stuck in love with my super soft organic cotton sheet set. It's just plain white but I think it will have to be stolen before I stop using it.

  2. I love your lamps! Great advice on mixing up the bedding.

  3. If you want to mix and match bedding, Homegoods/TJ MAXX would be a perfect place to score some yummy sheets!

  4. Love mix and our guest room we have floral and leopard...oh and stripes! Super fun! :)

  5. Kelly I love mixing up the bedding it is just more unique and interesting!

    Oh and be sure to come and join my Amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  6. What a fun concept- never thought about it! I am looooving WE's spring bedding collection. So many cute prints... to mix and match!


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