Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday?! #3

Happy Wednesday, dear readers. I'm sure by now you know what today is: What's in Your Bag Wednesday?! Today we're getting a sneak peak into Victoria's bag!! 

Hi 1551 Transformed readers! I'm Victoria from vmac+cheese, and I'm so excited that Kelly asked me to participate in her fabulous "What's in your bag?" series. Between our shared love of julep vases and garden stools, I adore Kelly's style and it's an honor to be featured on her blog!

Let's dive right in to my bag, shall we?

This Dooney & Bourke Dillen II bag was a holiday present, but even though it's new in my life, it's been my favorite bag in recent memory. I've been on the search for a bag that had structure with a somewhat unique shape, and this fit the bill perfectly. I like that this little lady is so petite and refined, but still roomy.

And of course, a roomy bag means I can shove things in there last minute. A scarf, for those evenings in San Francisco when the fog rolls in early, or a pair of ballet flats, just in case I'm in heels and my feet get tired.

But on any given day, these are the items I always carry with me.

1 - HTC Phone -- Call me crazy, but I'm actually not attached to my phone. This HTC is the first smartphone I've ever had (before this, I was proudly rocking a Motorla Razr. And it couldn't text. Boo-ya!). It is convenient to pull up maps and check my email on the go, but otherwise, I'm not really much of an app nut.

2 - Invisalign rubber bands -- Undoubtedly the most glamorous item in my purse. I'm a few months in to an Invisalign treatment, which also includes using rubber bands to move my teeth in the right direction. Yes, I feel like I'm 13 again.

3 - Pilates ProWorks member card -- I joined Pilates ProWorks, a pilates and barre class gym in San Francisco, late last year and I'm absolutely loving it! I go a few times a week, and the gym's online registration system and automated card sign-in make things easy.

4 - Clipper card -- the fashionable accessory of every San Franciscan taking MUNI. When I moved to SF after college, I sold my car and began relying solely on public transportation. Believe it or not, it's easier than it sounds! These days, the Clipper card makes it simple to hop on the bus. You just load your card with money or a monthly pass, and scan it as you get on. No more carrying around dollar bills and coins!

5 - Hair clip -- My hair has a mind of its own. Naturally wavy and thick, I keep a hair clip on me at all times in case my mane is driving me nuts. I can twist it up into a bun, and voilà, problem solved.

6 - Marc Jacobs sunglasses -- these are actually cast-off sunglasses given to me by my boyfriend, Joe. He purchased these last summer, but decided he didn't like them. I started "borrowing" them and before you knew it, they were mine. :)

7 - Rosebud Perfume Co's minted rose lip balm -- This is a "Chapstick" I can't live without. It's very effective, goes on smooth, and I love the light, floral scent. Plus, one tin will last you forever. You can get it at Sephora.

8 - KORRES lip glaze in jasmine -- I recently came across the KORRES line of beauty products and I'm really digging them. The lip glazes give your pout a subtle tint, but keeps things amazingly moisturized. This has been a god send during the cold winter months!

9 - Another hair clip -- Sometimes my hair so crazy I have to have two. Actually, I accidentally re-numbered this clip in the photo and didn't notice before I saved all my files. Whoops! Pretend this hair clip is actually my hot pink Ralph Lauren wallet, which I somehow inexplicably didn't photograph with other items.

10 - J.Crew keychain -- I've had this hunter green leather key chain since I was in high school. It's old and worn, but there's just something about it. We've been through so much together, you know? It will take a really fabulous key chain for me to want to replace it! I think we all have items like that, right?

11 - Avène thermal spring water spray. I'm hitting my late 20s, and sad to say, my skin has been going through some changes. And by changes I mean it went from being happy and clear to often red, tight, and dry with the beginnings of small wrinkles (UGH). Looking for something to soothe my sensitive, dry skin, I discovered Avène skincare products and am officially obsessed. Their thermal spring water spray, similar to the Evian spray you might be familiar with, works perfectly as a "toner" before moisturizing, and also to pep up dry skin during the day. It comes in lots of different sizes; this little travel size bottle fits perfectly in my bag.
Thanks again, Kelly, for having me today and I hope you guys enjoyed the peek inside my bag!

Thanks Victoria for allowing us a look into your lovely bag! I must admit I'm most jealous of the Invisalign Rubber Bands; I looked into it last years, and it was simply not in the Law School Budget! 

Have a great day, and be sure to check out Victoria's blog!!! 




  1. Love the pink wallet? Who makes it? Victoria is so stylish and fabulous!

  2. Thanks, ladies! (And again, thank you Kelly for having me! It was so fun to put this post together).

    Sara, the wallet is the Ralph Lauren Newbury Continental. I found it at Macys. If you do a quick search online, you should be able to find it (though maybe not in hot pink...but there was a gorgeous green color I found that was pretty great too!).

  3. Ooh, I love her hot pink wallet. I'm really digging her photo skills too. And I could totally relate to the rubber bands. I had adult-onset braces and just got them off like seven months ago. I'm talking braces! I wish it was invisalign. Anyway, I feel ya girl.


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