Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday #8

Happy Wednesday! I have one item of business to take care of before the usual Wednesday post! The winner of my first giveaway is #12, Megan of Fried Green Pickles. Congratulations, Megan, and thanks to CSN for sponsoring my first giveaway! 

 Back to our regularly scheduled program:today I'm featuring the handbag of the stylish (and hilarious) Aubrey! Enjoy!! 

Well hello there,'s Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful bringing you today's "what's in your bag?"!
All I have to say are going to be sorry you asked!
I have to preface this whole thing with the fact that I have two little munchkins (ages 2 and 4), so not only is my purse usually filled with all the *crapola* that comes with little ones, but they usually confiscate anything fun/cool/nice that I put in there!
But here it is: The Mom Bag.
My Coach Ergo that I talked my husband into letting me buy off Ebay. Worth every penny (c:
The crapola:
All your standard things:
*My keys (and my daughter's princess keys so I can distract her from stealing mine)
*My phone (blast you for not being an Iphone with an adorable case!)
*My fabulous Tar-jay of the most fantastic organizational wallets that I have ever found (c:
*My $5 sunglasses (yes, I go through about a pair every couple months between the kiddos destroying them and me losing them)
*Gum, both for good breath and *bribery*
*Anti-bacterial Hand sanitizer, A LIFESAVER
*My mini leatherman, yep I'm that kind of girl
*Baby Tylenol, you never know when you might need it!
*Dora the Explorer Fruit Snacks...really they just speak for themselves
*Lip stick and lip gloss, really all I need (c: *Victoria's Secret Bombshell...*love*
*And the strange little backpack...that is my "rescue pack" as my son calls it (does anyone watch Go Diego, Go?) It's filled with all the things you might need in any "situation"...tylenol, pepto, bandaides, neosporin, alcohol wipes...if you haven't guessed I'm married to a man who fancies himself a survivalist. Awesome.
And I spared you all the gum/fruitsnack wrappers, random kid toys, diapers, and wipes. Yeah, you're welcome.
And since I feel like that isn't nearly as cool as it should be, this is what I *wish* was in my purse:
A little Fendi would do the trick nicely...preferrable attached to the keys of an M3...
For the iphone I wish I had (soon, my pretty)...
And for the pink that everyone needs in their life...
Hey, a girl can dream, right? (c:

Thanks so much for having me Kelly....we both know you won't make that mistake again!
Hopefully, she still lets me visit her fabulous blog! *wink wink*

Thanks for sharing, Aubrey!! I had to laugh at the thought of her little munchkins stealing anything "cool" out of her purse. Apparently when I was 3-ish I "stole" all of my mom's cash and credit cards from her purse and put them in my plastic yellow purse instead. She didn't realize my thievery until she was at the grocery trying to pay the cashier and found fake cash in her wallet. Sorry, Mom!!!!! Luckily, I was only a few feet away shopping the candy section in the checkout lane, so I paid the bill for her ;). 


  1. Aubrey always makes me laugh and this was no exception! Awesome seeing inside your handbag Aubrey! Esp love the 'rescue pack' ;)

  2. Aubrey, it is great getting a sneak peak in your bag. Maybe Kelly should start a series called " What You Wish Was in Your Bag."

  3. This was so cute and I can totally relate- with a 2 and 4 year old as well, I always have kiddie goop in mine:)

  4. I love Aubrey! She is hilarious! Great wish list!

  5. Awww...everyone is just so darn sweet...Thanks for having me Kelly! I'm still cracking up about your little story...apparently I have a similar caper in my past, only it involved a little red purse and all of my mom's newly planted marigolds. Oops. (c:

  6. yay for aubreys bag and your blog!!! both are fab! new follower!!! xx. katie

  7. Loooooove the Kate Spade iPhone if only I had an iPhone!!!

  8. I'm so behind on my blog reading!! Love this post. I totally have bribery snacks for Lilly in mine too. Ya'll are cute.


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