Friday, April 29, 2011

This Week on Craigslist....

It's been a big week on Craigslist, folks! Check out all these amazing steals and deals! 

$100 for the pair. Love the tufting and nailhead trim. If I had time/money/skills I would buy these and have them reupholstered. 

Classy Brassy. $20. 

If the seller would respond to my emailS, I might be able to put the "search for a secretary" to an end. We shall see... 

Sigh... love. $65. 

This dresser is the perfect size for our entry. $70. LOVE the lion pulls!!! 

If I didn't need to earn a living, I think I'd open a shop with refurbished furniture. I'd do the refurbishing myself. I'd have business cards for my shop. My title would be "Owner, CEO, Master Refurbisher". That is all. 


  1. Check with your state prisons. Here in MA they do upholstery rather cheaply. There is a long wait time (6-8 months,) but for me, it's well worth it!

  2. love those lion pulls myself! I hope you put an end to your secretary search soon.

  3. Loving the chairs! I cant stand when sellers don't respond, all is takes is four letters, SOLD.


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