Friday, May 13, 2011

House Hunting: Option 3

Please excuse the re-post. Blogger was down yesterday and as a result, my post and its comments were deleted. 

Anyhow, I found this lovely home online the other night in Indy. Normally, when I blog about a home in Indianapolis that I'm interested in purchasing it sells within days. We'll see if that holds true this time or not. 
The exterior is stucco; I would most likely paint the door black. 
The landscaping appears to be basic and well maintained, but I'd do my best to sell Christopher on the idea of planting two dozen or so Annabelle hydrangeas. 

Great molding and trim! 

Oi. Lots of wallpaper to tear down. 

Kitchen is a little blah, but the cabinets look like they'd be excellent candidates for painting and new hardware. I would then subway tile the heck out of the room!! Something like this perhaps: 
via here
*The marble shelf above the oven is an excellent idea.  

I can see Christopher and Luca sliding down the banister together already.... yikes! :) 

Have a great weekend! I'm off for Germany tomorrow, so bear with me if my posts are sketchy (or non-existent). Oh, and cross your fingers that I get to visit Zara Home!!!!! 

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