Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Simple Requests...

I'm not a huge Idol fan, but this year I'm really pulling for Haley. I've even downloaded a few of her songs in iTunes already. Last night she wore this amazing tank: 
Feathers... Rhinestones... yes, please!!!! 

After some googling, I finally tracked it down: 

via here 

**Don't get your hopes up, unless you can fit into "XXS". I'd be okay with one "X", but two is pushing it...... Hey Haley, if I start voting for you will you send me your pretty tank?!?! 

I almost forgot the second request: Dear Lord, since Haley's tank is sold out, would you mind giving me her voice instead????
 **As I'm typing this I'm imagining Arielle losing her voice after having it stolen by big, fat Ursula (which in this case would be me, I suppose). On second thought, Lord, I'm happy with what I've got. I'll just glue some feathers to an old shirt and take voice lessons. Thanks. 


  1. Hi, your pictures are very beautiful. I love your blog very much, and it’s awesome! I’m Anita, just followed your blog then I can read your posts all the time…

    If you have time, please come to see my blog and talk…

  2. I'm just laughing at the thought of you comparing yourself to Ursula...and you are too right, that tank is ridiculously cool...let me know how that DIY works out (c; hehehe! Happy Weekend, darlin'!

  3. Such a cute top! And you could NEVER be Ursula...not ever! :)


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