Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday #15

Good morning, kids(I seriously doubt there are any children reading this, but you never know)! Today we're joined by Meredith, the brains behind the Rose Bredl blog! I've written about Rose Bredl (and interviewed shop owner Mary here). If you haven't been to the blog, be sure to check it out. Lovely posts, and beautiful photos (oftentimes of flowers from the shop). Oh how I would love to be a Rose Bredl shop girl.... :) 

Hello Everyone! I'm am so excited to be visiting here today from the Rose Bredl blog. Kelly is amazing, and it is such an honor to get my own little space here! Especially because WIYBW is one of my favorite features (what can I say, I like girly stuff, and I like girls I like's stuff!) So here are the goods:


1. My (new) bag- so much fits in this guy! Magazines, books, you name it! This is my only respectable black purse.
2. Heart shaped sunglasses.
3. My 2nd wallet. My real wallet is so stuffed with receipts and so dirty that I don't carry it much. I tuck what I need in this and go (to Jeni's. for ice cream. mmmm) I also keep this row of photobooth pictures of my husband and I- taken at the county fair, yeehaw!
4. Various patterned notebooks for lists; i.e blog post ideas, songs I want to download etc.
5. My phone and Ipod (complete with text from Mary!)
6. J.Crew umbrella- will it ever stop raining in Ohio?
7. Beauty goods- every girl's got em'. I work as a personal shopper for a certain company, and I would not survive the constant talking and the dry environment without my burt's bees tinted lip balm, and rosebud salve (for cuticles) and a hair clip. I'm also really fair, so I love Stila's convertible lip/cheek cream in "petunia" for the 4 o'clock touch up.
8. General good items: an amazing pen ( I like the pilot g2, or sharpie) - and a pink flash drive with all of my photos for the store on it.

That about sums it up- Thank you again Kelly for having me. And happy Wednesday everyone from me and all the team at Rose Bredland there you have it! xxx Meredith

Kelly again with a little commentary: Meredith is a girl after my own heart!! I love that she carries multiple notebooks and has favorite pens. I've been meaning to do a post on my love (and difficulty sharing) writing utensils. *I often find that the general population does not have the appropriate level of respect regarding writing utensils, but that's neither here nor there. My J.Crew umbrella has been a staple accessory lately as well. As much as I love cloudy, overcast days it's getting a little old!!! Lastly, I love Meredith's sunglasses- so cute and a little quirky (perfect)!!! 

Thanks for sharing, Meredith!! 


  1. Your bag contents are so darling and girly; I love that even your flash drive is pink. The insides of my purse would not make for such a pretty picture...

  2. Thanks again for having me Kelly (I am glad we share a love of a good pen- so important!) I heart classically eclectic :)

  3. Love Meredith and her sweet blog! Her heart-shaped sunglasses are super cute! :)

  4. Hott purse, girlie! More than just respectable, i would say! And you are a girl after my own heart...heart-shaped sunglasses are just rad (c:

  5. Thanks Aubrey!! You are too sweet- PS I heart all things bright and beautiful


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