Thursday, June 30, 2011

Allow me to CONSOLE you

I've been working on cleaning out our garage and basement in preparation for the big move.  This console table from my in-laws had been in the basement forever. I finally brought it upstairs and sanded it... and then immediately moved it out to the garage where it sat for a few months. Oops. I FINALLY painted it over the weekend. 



For the record I'm tired of my gallery wall. I don't plan to re-hang the photos in our next home- at least not to this extent. Also, I just threw some of the accessories from my dining room and living room on the table so that it didn't feel quite so nakey

 Christopher says the color is "interesting" (that was the nicest adjective he could think of). He doesn't think the color goes with anything else in the room..... notice the pillow below: 
Pretty similar, right? I had the pillow sitting on the table for a few days to prove my point. :) I personally don't think it needs to match anything anyways. 

Other cool people have coral pink consoles too you know (not that that matters either): 


  1. What a difference, looks great!!

  2. Lookin good! I love the coral.

  3. it looks fantastic! Funny, we have those white lamps too. I have them on our bedside tables.

  4. It's gorgeous! I love how the color looks against your wall color. And I forgot we were lamp twins, aren't those pineapple lamps the best? They look awesome in your space!


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