Thursday, June 23, 2011

Light and airy

In the massive amounts of free time I've had lately (I'm being sarcastic) I've given some thought to the paint colors I'd like to use in our next home. Currently, every room in our house is grey or beige I think.  For our next home I'm considering lighter wall colors in hopes that it gives our home a light and airy feel like these photos: 

I'm loving the fabric on those wingbacks. Mine still need recovered. I'm a bad woman. 

Love the floors and the brass etagere. I've been searching for one every day on Craigslist for months. 

If/when we build a house one day I want an open layout like this. In our current home the family room and kitchen flow into one another and I love it!!  

Another open floor plan. Notice how the huge venetian mirror brightens the room and makes it feel larger. 


  1. are walls are all light. the space feel so open

  2. Agreed. If I could go back and change my wall colors I would go super light.

  3. I cannot tell you how much I love that open kitchen with the sofa! What an amazing idea. Its beautiful.

  4. Completely agreed although I'm kind of stuck in my renter white walls so it's not really by choice that we have them. My dream house would also have a huge open floor plan with large large windows!


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