Sunday, July 3, 2011

Imagine the possibilities....

I searched "bamboo" the other night on Craigslist, and look at the beautiful patio set that popped up. I say "beautiful" because I'm imagining it painted and the cushions recovered. Christopher always tells me I have an overactive imagination (i.e. "great vision"). 

 The set is iron (heavy), so I LOVE that the chairs have casters!

Table comes with a glass insert (not shown): 

Imagine the chairs recovered in one of Quadrille's fun outdoor fabrics: 

*Imagine the chairs painted orange with this print... or a poppy red. POP! 

Or something more budget friendly from Premier Prints: 

Dad, how would you feel about hooking the trailer up to your SUV and heading to Dayton to pick these babies up???  Let me know.  ;)

***The only problem is we have a patio set right now. Anyone want to buy it??? :) **Christopher, stop freaking out. I'm not probably not going to try to actually make this happen. 

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