Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Next week we're going to spend a day looking at homes in Indianapolis. One of the homes we plan to visit has a set of patio doors off the kitchen: 
*Seeing all that wallpaper makes me want to cry...

The doors open to a screened-in porch: 
The outdoor space has a lot of potential (i.e. needs a little love) !! 

I like the idea of having a kitchen that opens up to a patio or three season room...
House Beautiful
*For the record, this image is in my "dream house" file on my computer. I just need 5-7 more promotions and then I might be able to afford a kitchen half as nice... :) 

*I like the molding across the top of the ceiling. The kitchen in the home we're looking at has an ugly support beam. Wish they had done this instead! 

I love looking at homes and thinking of ways to improve them.  It would be nice though for once to not have a ton of work to do in a home. Hopefully we find a house soon and can get this show on the road!! 

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  1. beautiful! i would definitely take advantage of that gorgeous backyard!!


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