Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Snippets

I'm currently enjoying the last day of my LONG weekend. Mr. Frankel and I worked out tails off around the house. We officially listed late Friday afternoon; I know that's contrary to what I said last week, but it's a long story. Anyhow, we officially listed Friday, had three groups of people look at our home, and now have two offers!!!! I'm crossing my fingers that the people don't flake out, but I have good reason to think we might be good to go on the better offer!!!  Now we just have to concentrate on finding a home in Indianapolis... 

Weekend snippets:
Sunday: Fireworks party with friends. Their four year old son was carrying his dinner (which consisted of chips, a bagel, and a cupcake) :) to the table when he tripped and fell in the grass. No matter. He still planned to eat it. I picked the grass and chips out of the cupcake for him after taking the photo, but he still wanted the chips.... 

Monday: Fireworks in our neighborhood. Holding my "nephew", Patrick: 

 I could tell baby Maddison was jealous that Tory and I had rhinestone stickers on our faces, so I gave her a few as well: 

*Baby, you're a firework....  and I'm a cheesball. 

Trying to show our rhinestone stickers on our faces, but it's looking like some strange belly contest instead. *For the record, if there was a belly contest, I believe Tory won. She has a growing baby in her belly. I had a bratwurst and some coleslaw in mine. 

 Small dogs begging for food... 

And bigger dogs begging for love and attention... 

 Lots of attention... 

 Too much attention... You'd think we don't spend time with her or something. 

I'm off to run errands and start the laundry. I hope you had a lovely Independence day!!!


  1. You guys are adorable! It looks like such a fun weekend! Pup is sweet too:)

  2. Hahah, love the food baby vs. real baby contest. Looks like lots of laughs were had by all! I also adore the attention hound pup... ours is the same and managed to sneak his way into about every picture from this weekend!

  3. That's great news about your house, though I'm sure it's a little bittersweet too! Still, I'm glad that everything is going your way. Looks like your July 4th party was an absolute blast!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck with the offers you received and finding a new home. So exciting!

  5. So much fun and i'm laughing about the stickers on the baby belly...I bet she did enjoy it! (c: Being in the middle of selling your home is *STRESSFUL*! Hopefully it all works out quick and painlessly (c:

    P.S. And if you think for one second that turning off the comments on your birthday post will keep me from wishing you a happy birthday, you are crazy! (c: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! And what a fabulous pressie from the Mr! (c:


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