Monday, August 22, 2011

Around the world in 10 days....

I'm officially done traveling for awhile!!!! It was a fun, hectic, and exhausting two weeks. Thankfully I survived, and now I can concentrate on unpacking the rest of our boxes! 

I started in Taipei: 

... and was happy to find a fig tree that looked like the ones in my own home: 

and some rocks that I desperately wanted to add to my rock collection:

The I headed to Shanghai, and on the way I got to sit on the upper deck of a 747: 
*This view goes on and on and on..... the buildings just don't stop. 

Amid the skyscrapers were lots of beautiful restaurants and shops: 

I had a great Vietnamese dinner here: 

and a few martinis here: 

I was puzzled by these: 

...but still considered buying one for my dad. 

The Westin in Shanghai had glass sculptures like this throughout. While I haven't officially confirmed this, I suspect they are Chihuly (my favorite). 

I wrapped up the week in Seoul at the Westin- with this beauty right outside: 

Seoul felt a little like the midwest (Chicago-ish) to me, which was kind of nice because I was a little homesick by the end of the week:  

We watched a concert in the grass:

... and ate amazing Korean bbq and drank plenty of Soju (similar to vodka):

I came home for three days then spent 24 hours in Peru. I REALLY wish I could've stayed longer. It's an interesting country with GREAT food. I stayed at the brand new Westin in Lima. The decor was AMAZING!!!! Shame on me for not taking 1.5 million photos.
Fabienne Jouvin- I think. 

Tons of gorgeous lighting- most with Edison bulbs. 

*I know it's a crappy photo, but this mirror was stunning. 

*Ok, this was my absolute favorite. I think the chairs are Restoration Hardware. Grasscloth walls. 50 points for whomever can name the fabric on the bench. Seriously, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO MAKES THE FABRIC?! I want some in my home!!! And the artwork?? I thought about asking the concierge if I could just sleep in the lobby so that I wouldn't have to leave this room... 

The ruins were right outside the restaurant where I had dinner before leaving (Huaca Pullana). I WISH I had taken photos of my food. It was so, so good! 

I have no idea why, but I had no trouble adjusting to the time zones this time around. That being said, I'm not sure I'd recommend traveling around the world in ten days. By the time I made it to Peru I was saying "xie xie" (Chinese thank you) and "merci" (why I was speaking French I have no clue). Similar to Turkey (where everyone assumed I was Turkish), everyone in Peru spoke Spanish to me (of which I speak none), and on the plan ride home a woman had a 20 second conversation with me in Portuguese, where I replied twice in English to her-because I somehow understood what she was saying at first. I have NO clue how I knew what she was saying at first, but when I finally lost track and told her I didn't speak Portuguese we both laughed and then wondered how on earth I had known what she was saying. *In case you're wondering, she had asked if once we reached a safe altitude I would move to a seat a few rows up so that her son could come back to sit by her instead because she was worried he would fight with his brother otherwise. 

I hope you had a great weekend! 


  1. Wow I am SO impressed you did that in 10 days- absolutely beautiful photos! I cannot imagine some of those cities and hope to go one day. That is crazy that you are now understanding other languages! Maybe your mind is learning them subconciously ;) xo Lisa

  2. Wow, look at you!! I can't believe you're not exhausted!! So hilarious about your convo with the Portuguese lady on the plane. Maybe you should listen to language tapes in your sleep -- you could be fluent in like 10 languages by the time it's all said and done!

  3. Holy cow, you really were around the world in 10 days! That's incredibel! You should start writing a travel blog too, I'd read it : )

    Also, LOVE the kitchen... but most importantly, LOVE the kitchen rug!! WHERE is it from? I went back through and found your inspiration post, but there wasn't a link for the rug itself?! Please tell me you found a magical land of affordable/chic/adorable Persian rugs? : )


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