Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On my Radar....


Coach shoes
$159 - coach.com

J crew boots
$198 - jcrew.com

TopShop suede shoes
$100 - topshop.com

Madden Girl Zandora
$80 - zappos.com

Cole Haan. Air Bacara Ballet
$17,800 - colehaan.com

Yosi Samra Fold Up Flats: OFFICIAL SITE
$59 - yosisamra.com

I have had shoes on the brain lately. I'm going to blame Luca for this one; she ate the rabbit fur off my Tory Burch snow boots that I recently bought off ebay. My daughter is a barbarian. These are some of the shoes I'd like to purchase to help me forgot about the pair that Miss Luca ruined.... **I  already purchased the center boots two weeks ago and LOVE them!!! 

Have you purchased any shoes for fall lately?!


  1. Loving those Top Shop loafers! They make some in leopard too that are really great. The shape of that loafer is perfect -- not too grandpa.

  2. Haha I started typing pretty much the exact same comment as Victoria, then read hers. I've been looking for the perfect leopard pair too! So either of you let me know when you find it!


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