Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back with a vengeance

Remember the door I painted with chalkboard paint at our old house? Well, I really missed it. A lot. 
Rather than whine or pout about it, I decided to find a victim in our new home to paint. We have no flat panel doors now, so I picked a wall in our kitchen. Mr. Frankel was a little apprehensive. Thank goodness he's like that because otherwise it's possible we'd have fluorescent yellow, glittery ceilings or something (that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea). Luckily, we both really like it! 

I'm going to need some chalk markers. Cleaning up all that dust is no fun. Did you hear me, SANTA? Chalk markers would be super. 

I think our chalk wall will be great when we have a family- until someone decides that any of the other walls in our house are free to be chalked on...... then Mr. Frankel will make this face and everyone will be scared: 
*He's upset because I was keeping him from eating peanut butter pie. Don't ever get in the way of that man and his desserts. He sure is handsome when he's angry though. 


  1. Kelly, I wanted to let you know that the reviews say that the markers you linked will ruin chalk painted walls. I've been looking into chalk markers as well. I would just be cautious before using them. Just wanted to mention this. I love the turkey too cute. :)

  2. YES! I love the chalkboard wall!

  3. It looks great! I might need you to come draw on my chalkboard wall when I finally take the plunge!



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