Friday, November 18, 2011

Gift Guide: for the coffee drinker

 Happy Friday!! We made it; we actually made it! It was a close call though. Next week is Thanksgiving week (obviously), which means that the Holidays are officially almost here!! Now that it's nearly official, let's talk Gift Guides. Lots and lots of guides. They're everywhere: on websites, on blogs, in magazines, on TV. It's only fitting that I share my first of the season. One of my favorite thing about the cold Holiday season?? WARM drinks. Gift Guide:


**If you haven't tried the Brown Sugar Whipped Cream, you MUST. It's delicious. Even Christopher puts it on his coffee. In all my married life I've never seen the man drink anything but black coffee- until, that is, we found Brown Sugar Whipped Cream!!! To.Die.For. 

One more suggestion- my favorite coffee. I could drink it all year long. Hint, hint, Crimson Cup. Seasonal-schmeasonal. 

$165 - *This one would kick my coffeemaker's butt! 
$34 - *To stir with, of course. 


  1. That Delonghi coffee machine looks amazing. Would love to try it some day. Also never had crimson cup coffee. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love those fancy glitter teaspoons!!!


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