Thursday, December 1, 2011

I don't have a daughter, but if I do....

..I'm pretty sure she'll be something like this little girl- if she's anything like her momma. 

Have I ever told you that I didn't like dogs growing up- something about my grandparents' dogs biting me when I was little. I've already started telling Luca that she can't munch on our unborn Frankel babies. No guarantees. 

On a completely random note, here's our 2011 Christmas card: 

We're a bit of a mess this year in our family photo, which I'm actually okay with because 2011 was a bit of a mess for us in general. That's life, I suppose! 


  1. Your card is cute! And I don't really like dogs now because I got attacked by 2 dogs when I was 13 and they bit me so I now I have a fear of dogs. Not little, tiny ones, but medium to big size dogs scare me unless I can easily tell they are friendly. =(

  2. Kelly, your blog is VERY interesting and well presented! Hope that you and Nanette have a great time on your trip...I know that you will.
    Frank and Nani

  3. What a great both look terrific. We're sorry that we won't see you over the holidays but we'll be thinking of you.
    Aunt Buffy & Uncle Grant


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