Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tokyo, Part 2

During our adventures in Tokyo we spent a morning in Tsukiji market- a wholesale fish market. The morning is the best and busiest time to go; it was quite the experience! 

There are TONS of little booths like this where you can buy fresh fish and eat it within minutes.  I'm sure it would have been a great meal, but at 9 AM I am NOT eating fish. 

Mmm-mmm. Makes me hungry every time I see a red octopus in a bucket..... 

From now on I've decided that whenever I'm having a rough day instead of telling myself to put my "big girl pants on", (which is my current standard operating procedure) I will remind myself that at least I am not a dead, shrink-wrapped panda in Tsukiji market. Really, can you think of anything worse? 

We stopped at a tea shop and tried green-tea flavored almond cake. Very good actually! 

I swear I have a few decent photos of myself in Tokyo, but they're all on my mother-in-law's camera right now! 

And now it's time for the "cookie" story. On our way back to the hotel after a visit to Tsukiji market we decided to stop in a store for some "cookies". Nanette and I picked out the "cookies" that we thought looked especially tasty. The ones I picked out? Fish-flavored. Do you know how gross it is to think you're about to eat a sweet "cookie" only to bite into a rice cake that tastes the way over-cooked salmon smells? Really, stinking gross. 


  1. It looks like an amazing trip! What a great experience. But...I can't believe that is a real panda! I thought it was a stuffed animal/toy. Horrifying!

  2. Great photos! The panda pic is hilarious slash...really, really interesting.

    Something just occurred to me. I wonder if Tokyo natives thought you were weird for taking a pic of that, thinking it normal. Maybe things Japanese tourists take photos of in America have the same effect on them as a dead panda stuck in a bag has on us. That's culture, for you! :)


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