Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Ramblings: The Curiosity of Nicknames

Today we're talking nicknames. Why??? Why not. *Sometimes a girl just needs to ramble on a Sunday, and in case you were beginning to think we Frankels were cool, this post will quickly change your mind. 

Nicknames are fascinating to me. You can learn a lot about a person from their nickname(s), but (what I find even more interesting) is that you can learn a lot about the person that is responsible for assigning someone else's nickname....

This is Luca, but we also refer to her as: Luca Bear, Lucas, Lucas-Frankus, Frankie, Frankie-Bear, Frankel-bear, Lukey, Lukey-bear, Tukey, Tuk-Tuk, Tuckus, Tuckus-Bear, Bear, and Bear-Bear. She's really quite smart; she's learned to just respond to ANY and EVERY name. 

J. Christopher. Also answers to: Mr. Frankel (*because my parents taught me to ALWAYS respect my elders), Bub, Bud, and Rhonda. 

Rhonda is a weird one, I know.

 I have this thing with song and book titles and lyrics; I tend to incorporate them into everyday conversation (I have no idea why). I'm sure you're all familiar with the ever-catchy tune "Help me, Rhonda". Whenever I need Mr. Frankel's help with something I say, "help me, Rhonda!", but over the years there have been times when I've been in dire need of help and shouting "help me, Rhonda" takes far too much time. "Rhonda!!!!!" seemed more appropriate, which led to the eventual migration of calling my husband "Rhonda". *I have a feeling I am going to need to find someone else to call for help once he reads this because he will most certainly want to kill me. 

... and then there's me: Kelly. AKA: Kel (how clever), Kel-Kel, Kel-Bel, Smelly, Belly (*lovely), Kelly Bear (my personal favorite), and SamPson (NOT "Samson", but "SamPson"). Christopher refers to me as Sampson whenever I call him Rhonda because he hates being called Rhonda as much as I hate being called Sampson. *Translation: We refer to one another as "Rhonda" and "Sampson" the majority of the time. 

You'll notice there are no "babe", "baby", "honey" "sweetie" nicknames on the list. I didn't omit them just to keep you from gagging. We don't use them. No, Tuckus, Rhonda, and Sampson are just too cool weird for that sort of thing. 

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  1. Can I just say that I am seriously obsessed with this post. Really. Obsessed. I laughed out loud the entire time. And can relate to ALL of it. Our dog Maverick is most commonly referred to as "Mouse Face Killa". True story.


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