Thursday, January 26, 2012

Destination Thursday: Las Vegas

Aside from the vacation that I'm "planning" (i.e. haven't even started to plan yet) this summer, we're also going to Vegas. Here's the scoop: Mr. Frankel is in sales; his team made their quota this year, which means we're going on a QUOTA TRIP! 

His team narrowed it down to either Miami or Vegas, and this week they made the final vote for Vegas. *Truth be told I was really hoping for Miami, but I'm just the tag-along! We've never been to Vegas, and I've never had a burning desire to go. In a way, it's probably good that his team chose Vegas because if it weren't for this all-expenses-paid trip I'm not sure I'd ever plan a trip there on my own.  

I haven't spent much time thinking about Vegas yet- except for the wardrobe. My perception of Vegas is that sequins are acceptable attire any- and all- the time. True story? *I'm packing a suitcase full of sequins either way, regardless of your answer. 

So tell me, blog friends, what is there to do in Vegas??! We'll be there Thursday through Sunday (unless we decide to pay for an extra night or two on our own). *I'm not sure where we're staying yet, but I'd love to hear your suggestions on shopping, food, and activities! It should be noted that I've never gambled in my life- unless you count playing bingo at Krugh-Family-Christmas growing up. 

Quota trips are a lot of fun, I hear. Thank goodness I'm married to a rockstar! 

Image Credits: Grand Canyon, Chihuly Glass, Vegas buildings, Sign
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  1. The Cosmopolitan is the chicest hotel out there, and has a phenomenal buffet (and I'm not a buffet type either.) It is in a central location so you can walk to most things from there. Make sure you see a show too. The Grand Canyon is also a fun day trip from Las Vegas. Since I live in CA I go to Vegas at least twice a year.


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