Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Wardrobe 2012

You know your [work] wardrobe is in a sorry state when your husband says to you, "You wear the same clothes to work a lot. You should get some new ones or something". I wasn't sure if I should shriek with excitement that I was actually being encouraged to spend money or be extremely concerned that, for the first time ever, the "I have nothing to wear" complaint was actually true.

Regardless, I've been searching for a few items to add to my work wardrobe. These two items caught my attention.

In addition, my J. Crew shopping cart is packed. Have I told you how much I miss having a J. Crew discount? I miss it more than I miss bread and french fries. More than french fries, people. 


  1. I heart j crew as well. Have your husband go with you and use his student id. At least you'll get 15% off that way. Im heading to the outlet this weekend armed with a 20% coupon :)

  2. Wow! That never happens. Go with it and have fun shopping. xo


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