Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Snippets

GOOD morning! We had an amazing weekend!!! The weather was fantastic, and because we lost an hour to Daylight Savings we decided to make the most of every hour that we did have! 

Saturday afternoon cocktails: 

Miss Luca Bear was hurt that we didn't bring her a Bloody Mary, so we took her for a walk instead. 

She was very appreciative. 

The start of our Saturday evening: bowling and Target. 

Sunday afternoon naps and important decisions for my manicure later this week: 

Sunday Brunch: 

I saw these in a toy store after brunch. I want. 

I'm sure people that have lived in Indy for longer than eight months know what this building is. I do not. I just know that it's pretty, and pretty is enough for me.  

[All photos via my instagram; you can find me @kelkru]


  1. You and your hubby are the cutest couple ever. Love your nail polish collection.

  2. awwww!!! I just love your puppy!!! Looks like y'all had a great weekend!! xox Elizabeth

  3. Those bloody marys look like absolute heaven! And now I am hungry...your brunch looks so tasty! XO brynn

  4. Bloody Mary's and mimosa's... that's my girl! Glad you had a relaxing weekend and embraced daylight savings. I was totally unaware and rather grumpy to find out I had slept and hour less without knowing about it.

  5. Great pics! I believe that is the Murat though I don't think it's called that anymore. Did you like Bru- I had a few weekends ago when I was in town.


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