Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend snippets

Happy Monday! I have just a few snippets of our weekend to share with you. We had 75-80 degree temperatures all weekend. On Saturday night at 9 pm we ate ice cream outside in tee shirts--- in the Midwest! "Insane in the membrane" as Mr. Frankel would say. We didn't ask any questions though; we just enjoyed the amazing weather!! 

Have a great week, everyone! 


  1. Gah, jeals!!! Here it was like in the 40s and POURING rain!! I can't wait til we get our next bout of warm weather. Happy Monday!

  2. yeah the weather was gorg in DC, too! Love the Cypress Hill throwback hahaha ;)

  3. Hi Kelly-

    I saw a pin on pinterest of an acrylic folding side table - it took me to your site and I found the room where it was taken. It was next to the brown leather couch withe the zig zag rug. I see that the tray from from CB2, but cannot seem to find the folding section. Could you tell me where you got that? I really want it for my family room make-over :)


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