Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's in your bag Wednesday #20

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited for today's guest post from Elizabeth of The Now. If you're not familiar with Elizabeth you need to visit the Now... now. She is super stylish with a great fashion sense. Naturally, her bag (and what's inside) are fabulous as well! 

Hello out there all you Classically Eclectic readers!! It is I,Elizabeth, from The Now and I am thrilled to be here to share what's in my bag! 

This bag was given to me a few months ago for my 30th birthday by my husband! Since it was a major birthday he bought me a MAY-JOR bag and I couldn't have wished for a better present. I always talk about my shoe obsession, but deep down, I am a true bag hag through and through. Luckily, my husband has caught onto that!!! 

I try to keep my bag pretty light because I hate digging around for things in my purse. This bag has like 50 compartments and I am very anal about where I keep what. I know, I'm psychotic. Anyway my essentials are as follows: 

1) My Balenciaga wallet {another gift from my husband}. My last wallet was chewed on by my puppy and then was exposed to an all day downpour at a music festival which pretty much killed it {RIP Mr. Wallet}. Hopefully this one has better luck!

2) Makeup: Laura Mercier lip glosses in basically the same exact shades except one is shimmery. ooooh! So daring. And when I really want to glam it up I put on my Cover Girl lip stain that's about the same shade as my lips. Watch out world!!!
I also have Nars blush in Sin and Laura Mercier bronzer in Bronze Mosaic. One of my best friends works for Laura Mercier so the majority of my makeup is LM.

3) Just some plane old keys except I have a fun Prada heart keychain that I thought I had lost until I found it in my drawer a few weeks ago. I was excited to put it back on my keys, but my husband says it looks like Ed Hardy. Boo! 

4) I try to ALWAYS have a pen in my purse at all times. Nothing is more annoying than when you need to write something but can't find a pen. I am a personal assistant and am always writing notes so I treasure my pens!

6) My iPhone {not pictured}. I used it to snap these pics. Obviously I am very hi-tech with just my cell phone camera. 

5) Last but not least are my sunglasses. I just love this case for some reason! It's so black and quilty. So I have the world's tiniest head & there is nothing I hate more than shopping for sunglasses. Every pair I have ever owned have either been gifts from my mom or my husband or really cheapo ones from Urban which always seem to last the longest. 

*How great is the styling of her bag and the contents?! Totally jealous of the Moroccan wedding blanket! 
Thanks for giving us a peak into your bag, Elizabeth!


  1. Absolutely love E's gorgeous bag, what a thoughtful hubby. And I couldn't agree more, I always have multiple pens bc I am afraid I won't have one when I need it.

  2. The only thing better than E's bag is her husband - he is always buying her the most thoughtful presents! And this was a TOTAL surprise for her too! E - I cannot stop laughing that Matt thinks your Prada keychain looks like Ed Hardy - HA! Thanks for sharing what's in that bag of yours :) xoxo A

  3. fun! love to see what in other girls handbags...You can always learn about some great new product :)

  4. E, you are too funny. love the bag and I'm with A -- can't stop laughing about the ed hardy comparison... :)

  5. Love Elizabeth and here bag is amazing!

  6. I had so much fun doing this. Thanks do much Kelly! Can't wait for tomorrow's post!! Xoxo Elizabeth


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