Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Snippets

... an interesting weekend to be sure. Highlights included (but were not limited to): 


Hydrangea- admiring 


Tulip- purchasing

Flowerbed mulching

Napping (on a new rug- because she ruined the previous one....)

Random shot of the lamp Christopher surprised me with from Target a few weeks ago. I keep forgetting to share it. *It's right next to our new rug above. 

 Most peaceful part of our weekend: grilling a quiet meal on Sunday evening

I'm ready to crawl under a rock for a few days, but I guess I'm going to go through this Monday-Friday thing instead.... wish me luck! 


  1. Ha!!! We do a ton of squirrel watching at our house too!! Pickles even has a "squirrelfriend". I have been dying for some peonies but they are $8 a stem...maybe I should splurge! And we have the same coffee table and now the same Tilly Maison tray!!! xo Elizabeth

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