Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 BIA Parade of Homes

Christopher and I went to the BIA parade of homes . It's a great way to get ideas for your own home, or in my case, find a dream home that I was literally drooling over. Eight homes were featured and they all had aspects of them that I loved, but my favorite home was ironically the one we visited last. Kevin Knight & Company built the 4 bedroom and 5 1/2 bathroom home. It's 5,640 square feet with interior design by David M. Berg, Ltd. and landscape design by Caplinger Design & Planning.

* Garage converts into an "atrium-like" party barn.

*Astier de Villatte china. Be still, my heart...

*Also notice the window that shows people walking through the staircase.

*Love the staircase... even though I would most likely find a way to fall through it.

*I will have a wine cellar in my home one day, that I can promise you!!!

*Terrible photo of the basement bathroom, but I was in such a frenzy I couldn't stand still long enough to retake any photos...

*Wine tasting area.

*Vintage locker baskets. LOVE.

*Garden room- you know, because every practical home needs one...

*Never seen so many amazing lights in one home. Heaven...

*Secluded first- floor owner's retreat


*Glass door disappears into wall, making a seamless connection between main family room and outdoor space.

*Mirrors were hung from ceiling.

*Christopher loved the open shower.

*Just needed one more of the library!!

Everywhere I look: filament lights!!! I'm right at home..



Sliding barn door opens to the "secret loft". Forgot to get a picture of the "reinvention studio". I might just have to go back!!!

*Love the wire-lined cabinet windows.

*Rooftop garden. Say no more, I'll buy the house.

*Oh how I love a good cattail ball...

*Seagrass carpet. I'm fairly certain they used my "list of favorite things" when creating this home...

*Secret loft...

*Gas lighting and Boxwood urn planters :)

My soul is crying out to live in this house. It has never felt more at home or at peace than it did while it was there. How can you argue with what your soul needs? Well, I'll tell you how: 1. The house sold. 2. It sold for $950,000.

Backup Plan: Figure out who bought this home and become the best of friends with them. FAST.

Backup Plan to the Backup Plan: Offer to clean their house for free so I can spend time there!!!

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  1. I loved the Kevin Knight House in 2010 also. I had to look to see which house was your favorite in the 2010 Parade. I was not surprised after seeing your favorite in 2011 was New England Homes.


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