Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost Time for Some Tartan...

I was walking through Target the other day when I noticed some plaid pillows and throws in fall and holiday colors, and it immediately made me think of the holidays. For me, when I see anything in a tartan pattern, it's like seeing a candy cane- it's synonymous with the holidays. J. Crew and Ralph Lauren always have beautiful tartan patterns:

*These images are from J. Crew's fall/holiday 2007 collection, but they're some of my favorite!

*Image via Ralph Lauren (This might be a little over-the-top-tartan, but I'm still a fan).

*Image via Vivienne Westwood; this would be a very practical choice for a holiday party... ;)

I'd like to find a fun tartan throw or maybe a couple of pillows for the holidays this year. Here's a few items for the home:

*Image via Highland Warmth; I like the one with yellow accents!

*Throw from Target

*Image via WSHome

*Image via WSHome

*And of course I'll be needing a tartan passport cover when I take my pretend vacation to Europe over the holidays... :)
Working at J.Crew during college, I learned a decent amount about the history of tartan plaids. I won't bore you with it, but if you'd like to learn more here's a link for "tartan" on Wikipedia.



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