Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stair Runners...

Tonight Miss Luca slipped trying to run up the stairs too quickly; she is definitely my daughter. I have fallen down (and up, believe it or not) our stairs too many times to count. The stairs are wood, and we have been talking about getting a runner for over a year now. With so many things left to do around the house, at this point it's low on the priority list. I can guarantee you, though, that once Christopher and I have a baby he will be racing to the carpet store to purchase one. We joke that when we do have kids we will have to cover the house in bubble wrap so that I don't trip and drop the poor kid. :)

I've been leaning towards a seagrass runner for a long time. Here are a few:

Stairs seem like a great place to make a bold statement, especially when they are visible from the entry. Painting stairs does NOT, however, solve the "Kelly-is-too-clumsy-to-carry-a-baby" problem.

A runner made of grain sacks would also make a bold statement, but would most likely still be slippery...

I saved my favorite image for last. This runner reminds me of Persian rugs (maybe that's what it's made of?). I'll stick with the seagrass idea, but I would happily fall down these beautiful stairs any day...




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