Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabric as Wall Art

Remember this wall? I've been complaining about it for quite some time. It's big and bare, and that presents a problem: finding artwork or a poster big enough for it would be far too costly. I've thought about doing an abstract painting myself, but I'm still a little nervous about this idea. Then over the weekend I came across a few images that led me to another option: fabric as wall art.

Image via Canadian House and Home

Image via Elle Decor

Depending on the fabric I choose, this could be a very inexpensive way to cover this wall, and I might even be able to frame it myself.

Here are a few options:
Fahri Clove, $22.95/yd here.

Duralee Ikat Flame Red, $10/yd. found here.

I think I would buy two yards and frame them side by side. I've marked the measurements on the wall, and two yards would be perfect. A simple, gold frame around it would look great! What are your thoughts??? I'm going to stew on this one for a little bit, but I figure worst case scenario if I don't like the way it looks it will be a great excuse for me to learn how to sew my own pillows!




  1. Kelly
    The Hobby Lobby in Dublin does a good job of framing and it is pretty inexpensive when they have a sale. You can also use their tools to frame, if you buy an open back frame and glass from them, as well. They have a good selection of open back frames, as well. I used them several times and they did just as good a job as the high end galleries I used in the past. I thought they were much better than Michael's with a better selection, too. Have fun!

    Amy (Beverick)

  2. This is really wonderful and nice. Thanks guys.


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