Monday, November 15, 2010

Is It Time (to Paint our Fireplace)??????

I was watching the Nate Berkus show on Monday night, and for two of the segments he talked about painting the homeowner's brick fireplace white. As I sat there on our sectional, watching the two segments on our Charlie Brown TV, I tried to avoid turning my head to gaze at our big, (unpainted) brick fireplace, but by this point it was basically burning a hole in the side of my face. Nate said multiple times during the show, "I mean, isn't it time to paint your fireplace. Seriously? Isn't it time?" Well, Nate, I don't know if it's time. Until you started asking all these questions I was perfectly fine with my fireplace. Sure, I've seen pictures of beautiful, white fireplaces (my mother-in-law has suggested painting it a few times as well), but I always kind of liked our brick wall. Plus, once I paint the brick, I'm stuck, whether I like it or not. So.... what do you think???!!!

Our current brick fireplace:

White, Painted Fireplaces:

*Images via Decorpad

Isn't funny how you can live with something for so long, and then realize one day that most people find that something to be quite ugly? I still have mixed feelings about this, but if Nate Berkus is saying it's time, perhaps it is. I will say that I really love the very last white fireplace, especially the screen. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.




  1. I think that the white painted brick fireplaces look so nice. However, having a brick fireplace of my own, that could use a nice update, I was told by my father that it is unorthodox to paint brick. He's a chimney sweep (not that the paint is an issue with burning the fireplace) but says that once you paint it you can't go back. I think that he was about to strap himself to my chimney when I even mentioned the idea of changing up the fireplace. Instead I decided that I would love to do this: I haven't done this yet, but someday I would seriously love to revamp our fireplace. At least with this option, the brick is just hidden, not ruined in anyway.
    Good Luck in your decision.

  2. I would do it! I loved how the one on the nate show looked and am trying to convince my brother-in-law to paint his white

  3. I basically have the same fireplace you do!I'm so tempted, do you do it yet???

  4. I'm thinking of painting my fireplace as well but want to do some type of light color. Maybe a sage green? I am usually against painting brick, especially any kind of interior brick, but mine is ugly. I just wish I could find examples online before we take the plunge.

  5. I have brick as well, and I painted it...but your brick is very nice and goes well with your furniture and wall color.Unless you plan to do a whole makeover including sofas etc, do not paint the brick!

  6. OH MY GOSH! I have a very similar wall/color fireplace as you with a similar sectional couch! I did a double take. Anyway, my hubby loves our wall/fireplace and I think it looks dated (we also had ugly wood panel walls surrounding the room, but they were painted and did make the room look better. Anyway, have you painted yours??


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