Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcoming the Wingbacks!

It's official: I'm the proud owner of a sturdy, but terribly outdated pair of wingback chairs!!! I purchased them off Craigslist for, get this, $47 (*I didn't have correct change, so I indirectly talked them down $3). They've been in the garage, where they will be steam cleaned twice. I want to have them recovered, and I've realized that the process might take a little longer than I'd hoped. Recovering furniture is frighteningly expensive. Too bad I don't have the Harry Allen piggy bank to start my wingback-recovering-savings-fund.

Here are my chairs in their current state:

Here are some of the fabrics I'm considering. Don't get your hopes up, people, it's going to be a few months- at least, but a girl can dream!!

Thoughts or opinions? Once they're recovered they will reside in our living room, which is pretty much a blank slate. I'm even repainting the room over the holidays (more on that later). What I really need to do is learn to recover furniture myself, so if anyone out there has this knowledge/skill, please feel free to impart some of it on me!!!




  1. Kelly
    Fabric Farms offers classes on how to reupholster furnitire. They also reupholster, if you do not want to do it.

    Amy (Beverick)

  2. Amy,

    You just made my night! I'm going to call them tomorrow with questions!! Thanks!



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