Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

I have the heat on, a space heater, and am wearing a coat and hat in the house, but I'm still freezing!! I keep staring at the fireplace thinking: 1. Should I paint it (the jury's still out). 2. I wish I could use the silly thing! I'd like to have a chimney sweep come out to check on it, but it sounds expensive. It might be worth it at some point, if it stops me from shivering!

We would also need to find a very affordable fireplace screen. Here are some of the pretties:
A contemporary one from Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn's 3 panel version. A classic.

Restoration Hardware: Very rustic, and out of my price range!


I just love this fireguard!!! It's made of glass, so it doesn't obstruct your view of the fire. It looks so cold and sleek, especially next to the warm, rustic fire. I've only seen it on a few websites, and all of them require you to "enquire" about the price. In my experience that is never a good thing!!!! I knew I should have wiggled my way into those glassblowing classes at Ohio State, though I'm not sure you can blow a fireplace screen!

Back to sleeping in my North Face, I suppose!!!




  1. Kelly, I'm not sure if we've met or not, but I used to teach with Nanette and also coached Liz in basketball when she was a freshman. Nanette showed me your blog and I've been reading, and actually started my own-not about decorating because that is not a talent of mine...but I would like a nicely decorated home when I grow up :) I am really liking your posts and information! I especially like the wreaths! I try to be crafty sometimes, but don't always succeed!
    Anyways, when I remodeled my house I had a chimney sweep come in and I remember it being much less expensive than I had anticipated-I think between the $100-200 range, but I could be mistaken. That was also here in town and I'm not sure what the going rate for sweeps are down in your neck of the woods. They cleaned it out, and also let me know what I needed to do to get the fireplace in working order- which was to get new fireproof brick installed which would cost at least $500-600. I am still waiting to get that task completed 7 years later! :) And still lounging in my sweatpants, sweatshirts and blankets.

  2. Kelly, I just thought that I would mention this, I'm not sure how far from Celina you are, but my dad is a chimney sweep and will go somewhat far (I'm not sure how far, but he has gone pretty far in the past) and from what I understand he is one of the most reasonable around here. In fact, I think some of the local fireplace stores in the area suggest dad to anyone looking for a chimney sweep. If you need information, send me a facebook message. I'd be happy to give you his information.


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