Friday, December 3, 2010

Light Switcheroo

About a year ago I got really luck and found this beautiful chandelier at the Pottery Barn Outlet. It was a total steal, and we were in need of a new entryway light. I didn't think too much of it when we first installed it, but once a few of our taller friends and family members came to visit and knocked their heads on the crystal balls, I realized we had a problem.

Fast forward one year: I finally found a semi-flush mount that I like! It's really difficult, I've learned, to find flush and semi-flush lights that are aesthetically appealing and reasonably priced!

*I'd like to officially apologize one last time to anyone who has bonked their head on my crystal ball chandelier!!!

The moravian star pendant obviously doesn't give off as much light (1 bulb vs. 5), but it makes up for it in character!!!

I laid on the floor to take this shot; I love the pattern it casts on the ceiling. Luca was jumping on me and licking my face at this point, so I'm pretty impressed with how this shot turned out!

In case you're wondering where the Bellora light is now:

It's not really this bright; I'm just terrible with lighting and photography!

Happy Friday!!!!




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