Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Wal-Mart:

I wanted to take a minute and write you a letter of apology. I know we've had our differences in the past, and I've never really had anything nice to say about you. For that, I'm sorry. Surprisingly, I've been really happy with a few of your Hometrends items lately, and I wanted to let you know!

I'm loving the orange geometric rug and hand towels I picked up a few months ago.

I'm even more excited about the animal print placemats I purchased today: $3 each! They come in a dark color as well!

Keep up the good work, Wal-Mart. We aren't best friends yet or anything, but I'm proud of you!




  1. I LOVE the orange stuff!!!!!!! I better see this place soon! You have truly transformed it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! school isn't so bad! THINK of all you have had time to do and THINK about!

  2. So cute! So true, sometimes Walmart can surprise you-it's a love hate relationship! The pattern in the bathroom is great!


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