Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Need Your Help...

Dear Blog Readers, Followers, and Anonymous "Creepers": 

I need your help. I mentioned in this post that I was considering doing a fireplace makeover. Specifically, I'm considering painting the wall white. A reader suggested that I build an actual mantel like this one to keep the integrity of the brick: 

I absolutely love this idea, and my handy father-in-law has agreed to help, BUT I still have an itch to paint the brick, so that's where you come in.

Here's our fireplace in it's current state: 

And here are some of the images that make me want to get out my paintbrush: 

Also, if I do paint the wall white, I'm considering painting the mantel black (but that's a whole other poll, I suppose). 

via here

So, what do you think? Should I paint or not??!! Please leave a comment, and let me know your opinion!





  1. I think you are very busy!!!!!! Debbie loved your NYE tables with the clocks!

  2. I really like the white wall idea. I would add the wood framing to the fireplace to break up all the brick of that wall and paint it black.

  3. I love the white - but hearth could be hard to keep clean, if that matters.
    I love the black - because I do.
    Could use combo of two easily. Great wall to work with and how great to have a f-in-l to help!


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